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Quite simply, the “most protective”* soccer headguard on the market, the same worn by world-class players in English Premier League and Champions League, for example Wayne Rooney

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*NOTE ON CONCUSSIONS: The Exoshield HeadGuard was specifically designed to provide protection against impact to the head and to reduce the incidence of cuts and bruises to covered areas. Although third-party testing confirms that the Exoshield HeadGuard significantly reduces the force of impact to covered areas, there is no conclusive data showing that the ExoShield HeadGuard prevents concussions, which can result from a combination of factors including, direct impact to the head.

Product Description

Storelli HeadGuard

  • Outperforms traditional headguards in scientific protection testing and reduces the effect of G-forces by over 50%.
  • Sleek design avoids traditional “helmet” look while still maximizing protection in key areas.
  • Constructed specifically for soccer with best-in-class materials to provide superior impact absorption, temperature control, breathability and comfort.
  • Incorporates the same lightweight open-cell viscoelastic foam used in combat-grade military helmet liners.
  • Machine washable.

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