Extreme Impact Protection
Storelli is the only brand to bring to soccer advanced protective technologies like Poron XRD materials.
Storelli is first and foremost a protection brand. So we invested heavily in researching materials that would optimize protection, while providing flexibility, breathability and comfort. And after a long and strenuous search, we became the first brand ever to partner with Poron XRD and bring their revolutionary foam materials to the soccer industry.
Remember the pain of getting kneed in the thigh by an opponent, or diving on a rock? Now imagine yourself in the same situation, wearing a Storelli product with Poron XRD… and forget the pain, but keep the fun of the game. This is why our brand was created.

aXorb goalkeeper glove technology, a patent-pending Storelli innovation, literally “absorbs” shots, allowing you to give up less rebounds, while protecting your hands and giving you superior “feel” for the ball.
Our customer research shows that goalkeepers care the most about 3 key characteristics in gloves: (1) shot absorption; (2) impact protection; and (3) feel for the ball.

Most gloves on the market unfortunately only optimize one characteristic (e.g., grip), at the expense of another characteristic (e.g., shot absorption). Storelli’s proprietary “aXorb” foam technology optimizes ALL 3 DIMENSIONS, bringing a new material that has NEVER before been used in the soccer industry.

Are you are tired of buying expensive gloves that just “look” different, but “feel” and “work” the same as every other glove? We are…and our research has shown us that you are too! Get ready to feel the Storelli difference!

Check out our product testing video, which compares Storelli’s glove technology to what’s currently available on the market – the results will amaze you! Still look too good to be true? Try out one of our gloves and FEEL and BELIEVE the difference! We double dare you.


The V-Flex pad is designed to fit your body, while offering you the protection that you desire!
At Storelli, we know that your gear must offer both protection and comfort. With this in mind, Storelli’s proprietary V-Flex padding technology is specifically designed to maximize your agility without compromising protection. If you’re tired of big, bulky pads, or worse, padding so thin that it serves absolutely no protective purpose, we invite you to embrace the future of protective soccer apparel.
Instead of relying on big square pads, the Storelli product development team took its cue from the human body, with its natural movements and curves, to create the map for our designs. V-Flex includes pads with contours that mimic the way your body “flexes”, returning the power back to you – the player.

Our unique design element, incorporating proprietary foam technology in the chest area of our shirt products, will enable goalkeepers to absorb shots and give up less rebounds and will significantly improve ball control for field players.
When it comes to upper body, we know that serious players desire protection from the elements (cold or heat) and hard or painful surfaces (e.g., protection against abrasions or bruises). However, existing shirt products completely ignore a key aspect of the game: the “chest trap”. Field players and goalkeepers alike impact the ball, and thus the game, with their chest numerous times during any particular match.

How many times have you seen a great goal scoring opportunity vanish because you couldn’t effectively chest trap an over-hit pass? And, for the goalies out there, how many otherwise preventable goals have you conceded as a result of those annoying rebounds off your chest and onto the feet of an opposing player?

Storelli’s breakthrough “ChesTrap” technology was specifically designed to address these issues and to help players cushion shots and passes with their chests, allowing them superior ball control. Combined with materials that protect you from the cold or heat and (if you are goalie) pads that stop you from getting hurt while diving, our ChesTrap shirts give you an innovative edge over the competition.

Anti-Bacterial Protection
Storelli products incorporate anti-bacterial and anti-odor fibers to help reduce potential infections and odor resulting from the build up of bacteria caused by sweat and dirt.
Our goal is simple: we don’t want you to have to be embarrassed every time you pull your gloves or undershorts out of a bag…and we’re confident that your significant other will thank us for our efforts!! (Ours already has).

We are also well aware of the ongoing discussion regarding the potential health risks associated with increased play on artificial turf surfaces, including the possible heightened presence of strains of bacteria that cause MSRA (staph) infections.

We’ve even read studies that suggest that players who suffer a turf burn or abrasion are 7 times more likely to develop a staph infection!

While we can’t promise full protection from MSRA or other infections, we can certainly promise that our products will help reduce turf burns and abrasions, thus not only protecting you from injury, but also keeping you healthy and on the field.